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FirstSeed Tasks User Guide

About FirstSeed Tasks

FirstSeed Tasks lets you organize your tasks visually with a simple drag-and-drop gesture. 

You can create multiple projects in FirstSeed Tasks. You can manage your team projects, private tasks or school assignments, all in a single app. 

Tasks in a project are organized in sections. It is often useful to manage task progress using sections. For example, you can put upcoming tasks in "To Do" section, on-going ones in "In Progress" and completed ones in "Done" to visualize the progress across sections.

You can quickly create a new task using a simplified editor. This UI will also lets you 

You can add due date, tags, or attachments to a task. Task details are displayed on the board so they can be viewed at a glance. You can customize which task properties to show in the settings.

By using widgets on the home screen, you can quickly add, complete or view tasks without opening the app.

By purchasing subscription or lifetime license, you can access advanced features such as syncing your data between devices or sharing projects with other team members.

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