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FirstSeed Tasks

FirstSeed Tasks lets you organize your tasks visually, like putting sticky notes on a board.
The app is so versatile that you can use it in various scenes,
such as managing a product, a travel plan or a shopping list.


Beautiful Board

FirstSeed Tasks displays a beautiful board screen that
lets you organize your tasks with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

The board shows an overview of your project and it is fully customizable.
For example, you can show your attachment as a thumbnail or cover image.
You can also choose to show or hide due dates, tags, subtasks, etc. 

tasks board

Highly Expressive

You can use rich formatting for you notes by using markdown notation. This lets you highlight important information using bold or underlined decoration. You can also create bullet points, numbered lists, and embed hyperlinks. This makes it easier to organize the content of tasks in a clear and concise manner.


Quickly finding tasks

In FirstSeed Tasks, you can find what you are looking for quickly.
For example, tasks can be filtered by specific criteria, so you can display
only tasks that are due within a week, or only tasks that contain specific tags or priorities.

You can also use the search function to narrow down tasks.
The search keywords will be highlighted so it's much easier to find. 

tasks board

Multiple Themes

You can customize the app's UI with themes.
The standard "Colorful" theme provides a modern, pop UI.
The "Monochrome" and "Black and White" themes display a more classic UI.
Of course, "Dark mode" theme is also supported.

You can also change the app's icon, or display the number of tasks due today on a badge.

tasks board
tasks board

Sync & Share Tasks

Projects and tasks can be securely stored in iCloud, allowing you to restore your precious data
in case you need to reinstall the app or replace your device.
This feature is also used to sync data between your various devices. 

Projects and tasks can also be shared with other users.
For example, you can share your shopping list with your family or work on a project with your team members.

Widgets Support

You can check your projects and tasks right on the home screen.
You can display the number of tasks due today for a project, or display a list of tasks in a section.
You can also add tasks from widgets.

tasks board

Other Features

  • Quickly input tasks with a simplified UI.

  • Assign alarms to a task that serve as reminders.

  • Edit tasks from a context menu.

  • Apply dark mode automatically based on system settings.

  • Bulk delete tasks that are no longer needed based on conditions.

  • Show or hide completed tasks for each project. 

  • Show attachments as thumbnail or cover image for each project.

  • Project members can set their own nicknames and profile images.

And so much more! 


FirstSeed Tasks supports iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Download now for free!  


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