Version History

This is the version history of FirstSeed Calendar. 

Version 1.7

July 8, 2018

- Templates: You can pre-define common events and create the same (or similar) events quickly.
- Calendar Invitations: You can now accept or decline calendar invitations.
- Siri Shortcuts: You can register voice commands for commonly-used features such as viewing today's events or creating a new one.
- You can now re-order calendar sets. 

Version 1.6

June 10, 2018

- Week calendar now supports paging option. You can swipe the calendar to go to the previous or next week.
- Added shortcut to let you enter the duration of events easier and faster.
- Added system time picker for those who prefer over the analog clock UI.
- Added rudimentary support for URL schemes. 

Version 1.5

April 20, 2018

- Added a new month calendar that can scroll horizontally.
- Three new week calendars have been added. You can also choose the weekday on which week calendar starts.
- You can now use maps in order to specify the location of an event or reminder. You can also search for specific locations or places. 

- Calendar sets allow you to quickly change the visible calendars.

- Displays a badge on reminder button to show the number of over-due reminders.
- Added larger font & bold font.

Version 1.4)

January 27, 2019

- Added the Apple Watch app. Complications are fully supported.
- Added the option to choose calendars to show only on the Watch app. 
- Added more colors for calendars. 
- Added background color support for holidays.
- Start of the week can be set to any day. 
- Added haptic feedbacks.
- Fixed a bug in widget where its size shrinked at times. 

Version 1.3.1

October 28, 2018

- Added the new tab bar that lets you switch between day, week, month, list and reminder views with a single tap.
- You can swipe the tab bar to show the next or previous day, week or month.
- Added the ability to swipe the list view in month calendar to go to the previous or the next day.
- You can now use drag & drop in order to move events (Pro version only). 
- Added support for the new dark mode in macOS Mojave (Mac version)

Version 1.3

September 1, 2018

- Added reminder management; you can now see today's reminders, upcoming reminders, reminders without due dates, list of completed reminders, as well as each reminder list. 

- FirstSeed Calendar can display the list of event attendees and show their contact detail. In the iPhone and iPad versions, you can add attendees to events.

- Added the ability to show event notifications, which will also be shown on the Apple Watch.
- Added an ability to convert an event to a reminder, and vice versa.
- Long-tap date or time in calendar to create a new event or reminder.
- Tapping the "Today" button reveals the detail view in month calendar
- Added quick action which can be activated by force-touching the app icon on the home screen. 
- Bug fixes. 

Version 1.2

July 15, 2018

- Added the ability to show event notifications, which will also be shown on the Apple Watch.

- Supports all-day reminders. You can also set the default alarm for reminders.

- Improved searching; it will show results faster when there are many events.
- Added the ability to execute URLs generated by other apps.
- Bug fixes. 

Version 1.1

May 22, 2018

- Added an option to show continuous month calendar, where you see no gaps between months.

- Added an option to show "Switcher" in the bottom of the screen that lets you switch between the current and the most recently-used calendars. This is useful when you want to switch between the Week and Month views quickly, for example.

- You can specify the time when duplicating or moving events or reminders in Week and Day views.
- Added the ability to drag & drop events and reminders in Week and Day views in the iPad version. 
- Added an option to set the default duration for events.
- Added an option to always go to today's date when the app launches.
- Emails, phone numbers, addresses and web sites will be shown as hyperlinks in the notes. 
- Added an option to show or hide completed reminders. 

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